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Monday, January 31, 2011

T'was my birthday on Sunday.  My precious little Dyl bought me a spa gift certificate.  What an amazing gift.  That boy is miles ahead of other children his age when it comes to gifts.  Guess he has a dad who is also thoughtful.  I'm still enjoying my watch that my wonderful in-laws gave me.  Wear it almost every day.  My parents got me a slap chop (Hiii-ya !!) and Golden Girls DVD.  Ohhh how I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Golden Girls !    Mat's gifts came weeks earlier- awesome photography related stuff !  and of course my new camera (cha-ching) 

No cake, no dinner out for me since I'm on a new cleanse.  5 lbs down already.  Feeling good.  Since there was no birthday celebration, I've got no pics to show, so I thought I'd go back 1 year today and show a picture of the most important person in our lives.....

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