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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A love affair...

Today's blog is about Dylan and his sister.  Well, he thinks he has a sister now.  Our next door neighbour's little girl has been staying with us since Friday while her family is away at a wedding in a lovely location.  I knew we'd all enjoy having her, but Dylan is smitten.

He runs and hugs her first thing in the morning.  He sits right beside her on the couch.  He listens intently to her.  He follows her everywhere.  He loved going out for dinner with her.  He loved taking her to dancing and trying his own dance moves in the studio.  He likes to sit and read with her.  He sits beside her and scribbles ( his homework) while she does hers.  He can't wait to go pick her up from school.  He is beyond loving having her here.

She'll be back at her place on Wednesday... I think our little man will be very very sad.

Here are a few of their adventures....

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