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Monday, January 3, 2011

We're back

Oh my gosh, I don't even know where to start... this post is going to be short, because I've been on the computer all night long.  I've been working on editing a boudoir shot that I did in Calgary.  Boy, that wasn't something I ever envisioned myself doing, but it was fun, and I love a lot of the images !  So tonight I've been editing, posting on facebook, posting on my website, and trying to organize photos in general.  I've also been working on my other baby- Ava Marie Creates, and trying to drum up business and have new people join my group, and eventually buy stuff !  Soooo I'm participating in three give aways through already established sites who are plugging me, and sending people to my page to check me out.  It's all about networking.  Jeesh, I'm tired.  But I'm making connections and working on both of my projects.

My favorite two legged "project" of course is Dylan.  He had so much fun in Calgary, so much fun at Christmas and his birthday.  This Sunday is another party !  Oh yes, and I go back to work at my crappy "real" job this week.  Enough said about that.

So, here are a few pics of our little man right before, on, and after he turned two.

can't stop it,so why try?  :)

what a great smile !

how chic is he with his snazzy outfit?

fun in the big bath

on his actual birthday, we took him to chuck e cheese to play and he loved it !

his dad loved it too....

and we love him... our big boy 2 yr old.  :)

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