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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Double the fun

So as I said the other day, Dylan's "sister" was staying with us for a few days.  His sister being our next door neighbour who is 6 and is close to our family and to Dylan.  Dylan just adores her.  Boy did they have fun.  Here is a synopsis of her stay. Hoping her mom and grandma see this when they get back.  She was lots of fun, we enjoyed having her.  Dylan was sad today that we couldn't go get her from school.  I think we might have to steal her for a night again in the future.

Friday we picked her up from Dance and the three of us went to Montana's for dinner.  Dylan, still being sick got really sick there, so we wolfed down our dinner and left quickly.  This is them cuddling before bed.

Saturday Rowan and I went to dance in the morning and met Mat and Dylan at the mall for lunch.  They went home after, and Rowan and I did grocery shopping.  Once we got back, we did some baking.  Banana muffins and Banana chocolate loaf.  Dylan joined us and the two worked beautifully together.

We made homemade waffles on Saturday and Sunday for breakfast.  We did it both days because they were so yummy.

Sunday we stayed home and made headbands together.  Dylan's birthday party was cancelled because he was so sick, so Rowan and I worked on our headbands, and before bed we put curlers in for school on Monday.
 Here she is Monday morning, dressed and ready to go with the headband that we created together.
Monday after school we went to Michael's for crafting supplies, and Rowan painted a wood jewelry box that we bought for her.  Of course Dylan had to help...
Tuesday we all piled into her bed and she read to me and Dylan. 

We managed to get homework done every night- she got all of her spelling words right, and we did the nightly reading.  She made it to school on time every day she was with us, ate the majority of her lunch, and was a good helper with Dylan.  Monday she woke up at 3:30 in the morning thinking it was morning...haha... ummm NO.  She slept well in her bed, managed to eat a good breakfast and get organized and dressed in plenty of time for school.  Dylan LOVED walking her to school, and peeking in her class. 
She was lots of fun to have. 
We hope her Mom enjoyed her time away, and will enjoy this peek into her little lady's "stay-cation"

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