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Monday, January 10, 2011

I'm TRYING to make a comeback !

New year, new colour !  I did say I wouldn't blog over the holidays, and it's been a slow road back.    I try to blog 5 days a week and have weekends off- i'm going to work really hard to make that quota, but I' gonna say it might be 4-5 blogs a week. 

Ok, so today's blog- our poor lil Dyl has been sick sick sick.  Horrible cold to the point where we cancelled his bday party (sad sad) and almost took him to the hospital.  He seems to be slowly improving, but he's got a croaky little voice, coughs often, and sometimes opens his mouth and tells me "mah-ee -- owww !"  Awww his lil throat hurts.  I made him some hot (warm) chocolate today to help make it feel better.  Here's our little sickie.  Fingers crossed this is the worst of it.

snotty, but still smiling !

"hot chocolate"

you can just see how sick he is by looking at his eyes

Cozy with sleeping babies, watching..... yup, Shaun the Sheep

He's so sweet.

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