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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Christmas Cake- British Style

So being married to a British man, I decided this year to make him Christmas Cake.  I'd eaten some a few yrs ago, and thought it was yucky  yummy.  But he likes it, we are working on establishing our own Christmas traditions, and I knew he would really appreciate it, so I went ahead and got a recipe from Mat's cousin.  Some of the ingredients were tough to find, but luckily Grannie Cook was here and she helped me understand what treacle is.  That was a new word to me.  So anyway, mixing it up, I of course HAD to taste it- quality control in the kitchen is important- and much to my surprise it was good.  Until I added the desired amount of brandy.  Cheap, no name brandy, cuz that's the kinda people we are.  :) 

It also called for all this strange kind of wrapping while it cooked.  Again, this is all new to me.  So now that it's cooked, and stored in a tin, I have to saturate it in a table spoon of said cheap, no name brandy every few weeks.  The smell is revolting.  Said husband is very excited.  We'll see what happens after two months of marinating.  We will be bringing it to Calgary for Christmas.  And I highly doubt I'll be eating it.  I'll keep you posted.  If you'd like the recipe- since I've just given it such a
 ringing endorsement, email me !

Tracy xoxox


  1. It will taste awesome, brandy's brandy doesn't matter if it comes out of a glass bottle or a plastic one!!!!

  2. Christmas cake is awesome. We use rum!!