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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Guess what's in the oven????

Shirley Z, this one is for you !  Remember how you asked me if I had any good recipes for a unique Christmas cookie?  Well, check back on Monday and see what you think.  So far, the verdict in our house is thumbs up !

Photos and details on Monday.  What a tease huh?  But you know you'll be back to see what I made- you all will .  :)

Tracy xoxo


  1. They are good.....VERY good, in the house 2 minutes and already eaten 2!!!

  2. Hi Tracy,
    Your Aunt Dorothy gave me this blog, cookies look great not sure about the cake, save a piece for Aunt Dorothy and she can let me know how it tasted. I like that you are making your own mixed with old fashioned tradition for the holidays for your family. Great ideas. Keep up the good work cant' wait to see what's next.
    No. Tonawanda, NY
    I love the picture of Dylan in the leaves.