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Friday, November 19, 2010

We are in full fledged terrible two temper tantrums, not listening, doing EXACTLY what we are told not to, standing on the table, laughing when you do something naughty, exhausting Mom to the brink of insanity.  You think I'm exaggerating?  Let's just say that Mat has called home on weekdays to see if I'm hiding under the table.  haha.   I haven't (yet)

Talking to him and telling him his behaviour is naughty isn't working.  He just laughs in your face.  This loud cute squeaky fake laugh.  It's so cute and so funny, but we just tell him, "it's not funny Dylan"  Which produces the second loud, cute, squeaky fake laugh.  So anywho, this isn't working.   But we will prevail. 

We have bought a "naughty" chair.  We don't intend on strapping him to it or anything....hmmm... no no, we won't.  :)  But we have been giving him a five second time away and talking about the naughty behaviour.  Truth be told- it's still not working, BUT, I'm certain that painting the naughty chair will change all that ! 

So what phrase should I put on the seat of the naughty chair?

Please offer some suggestions, but note I've already decided against the following:

Sit down to reduce Mommy's insanity 
Sit, or else !
That was so bad, so so so so so bad !!!
Sit before I glue your butt to the chair !

So, help, what should I write on the seat, as you can clearly see, I need help....


  1. "Naughty chair or ice cream.....the choice is yours?"

  2. They actually sell chairs that are specific for "Time out"?! Haha!

  3. Not too sure about the saying but I think that the chair should look more ominous. haha