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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Da-eee, Da-eee, Da-eee....

 So our little man has a very large
obsession with his Da-eee.  All day long we talk about Daddy.  He asks where he is, I say work.  He nods.  Done.  Till 10 minutes later when he asks again.  So we talk about Daddy lots during the day.  What he might be doing, what we did with him in the weekend, what Daddy said they night before, and of course how much he loves Da-eee.

Whenever the phone rings, he asks.. Da-eee?  I usually just say yes because then Dylan smiles.  :)  Today he was playing with a truck, there was a man riding on the back, and Dylan informed me it is Da-eee.
Because Mat is a die-hard Calgary Flames fan, he's been teaching Dylan hockey related things.  It goes something like this:

Daddy " Dylan, can you say Iginla" 
Dylan "Ig"

Daddy " Dylan, can you say go Flames go"
Dylan " goooooooooooo"

Daddy "Dylan, can you say Bouwmeester"
Dylan "Bo"

Daddy "Dylan, can you say Fire the Sutters now before our team is fully run into the ground"
Dylan "gooooooooo"

So I'm not sure how it got started, but Dylan now always wants Mat to put on his Flames jersey.  Dylan says to Mat.. goooo... and then tells him to come to the bedroom closet.  He points at Mat's jersey, telling him to put it on.  Then Dylan runs to his room to get his.  The other day it was in the wash.  He'd been wearing it with another shirt underneath.  When I took the shirts off, I took them off together leaving the Flames jersey inside the other shirt.  Not sure how, but Dylan knew this and found his jersey, inside his shirt.

Surprise surprise, when Mat came home tonight and went to get changed, Dylan insisted they wear their matching Flames jerseys.  So cute. 

Dylan so looks up to Mat and it's wonderful to see.  So cute.

It really is all about Da-ee.  So cute.

He even calls out his name... this morning at 12:15 am.  Not so cute.  Well, the little squeaky voice is, the 12:15 time- not so much. 

So awesome to see the bond between the two.  As I've said numerous times in this post.  Dyl loves Da-eee, and Da-eee is just as smitten with Dyl.  Probably more actually.  :)


  1. Aww thanks Claire, how did you find me?

  2. Ok that is far too sweet how much he loves his daddy! :) And the pictures of them in their matching jerseys are so cute! Have to say that I am loving your blog!! I don't read it every day but maybe once a week and then I go back and catch up on all the things I have missed. Good job! :)