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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Potty Talk

So we've been slooowly introducing the idea of the potty.  He used to love it, but for the last month or so whenever I ask if he wants to use it, his squeaky little voice says "NO".  So that's fine, we leave it at that.  Last week I decided to buy him the potty seat that goes right on the toilet.  See if that's more interesting for him.  It is.  Kinda.  But still, no real signs that he's ready.  BUT, the other day, I caught him in his room with a bunch of his teddies, and THEY were learning to use the potty.  Dylan was showing them what to do.  There were even sound effects. 

First Tad......

Then the moose puppet.....

 Tad again.... looks like there was some waiting involved in this trip....
 Then Dylan's favorite "sleeping baby"  Sleeping Baby looks very pleased with himself !!!  Good work Sleeping Baby !!!  (haha)
 And of course Diego had to come see what was happening... and NO, the cat didn't end up on the toilet.  Maybe next time.  :)  So perhaps there are some readiness signs.  For the stuffies... not Dylan.  :)

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