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Monday, November 22, 2010

Project Frenzy

Hello to everyone !  It's Monday, hope you all (however many of you read this) had a good weekend.  I spent my weekend shopping and shopping and shopping.  In case you missed my big announcement on fb, I've decided to start up my own photography business- Cherry Bliss Photography.  Website ( coming soon.  I'm on fb, so find my page there !

It's been a lot of organizing and getting prepared.  Getting a backdrop, a backdrop stand, flooring, props, a newborn nest... on and on.  Being the crafty, and cheap person I am, I've decided to make several things.  I can't tell you what they are- but they are turning out really well.  I've also purchased a few cool things online.  I'm getting really REALLY excited !  I think it's a great move for me- photography is a passion for me, and I love the challenge and creativity involved in photographing little people and their families !  I'll keep you posted. 

Here I am armed with Michael's craft store coupons.  They say you can use one a day per person.  Pfft... forget that rule !!! 

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