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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How do you lose a stripper?

I've neglected my chest of drawers that I showed you many posts ago.  Remember her?  Well, she got pushed to the back of the garage for a couple of reasons.  The sanding was not going well.  I took my mom's advice and bought some wood stripper.  I also got two funky handles, and a dark stain.  Had it all planned out, was excited.  And then, somewhere into the abyss, the stripper vanished.  A brown home depot bag with the above noted contents-  gone.  Like gone - gone.  Missing.  No where to be found.  How do you lose a stripper? 

So until those items can be located, ole Betsy will sit in the garage.  Sad and unfinished.

BUT, I have a new project.  haha.  Surprise Surprise. 

We (I) decided to do some paintings for Dylan's room to give to him as a second birthday gift.  Daddy is the creative consultant who tells me what works and what is correct/incorrect. Dylan (and Daddy) are soooo into trains, construction vehicles, trucks etc that we are changing the theme of his
 (Dylan's, not Mat's) room.  So here's a teaser of what I'm working on for his birthday gift.

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