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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sleeping Baby's Great Adventures

So a couple days ago, Mat was " gone trucking" as he calls it.  Which really meant he was riding in a truck with one of his employees kinda doing an undercover boss type thing.  Anyway, he was gone until after midnight, so Dylan and I were on our own.  We were engrossed in our daily 5pm routine, watching our beloved Golden Girl re-runs. I was really excited because the second episode was the series finale and I could never remember how it ends.  So even though Dylan kept asking to go outside, being the bad GG addicted mother that I am, I kept holding him off.  Well 6 pm comes, the GGs are over and we venture out.  It was a bit dark, so we stayed close to home. 

I guess Dylan and I had never just walked for the sake of walking.  He loved it !  He touched trees, he picked up leaves, he put stray rocks back in neighbours rock gardens,
he shuffled alone having the time of his life !

So the next day, with his beloved yellow "sleeping baby" tucked close to his face, we went out exploring again.  This time in the daylight.  Again, so much fun !  Today's lesson- kids love simple
things that adults often miss and rush past. 
What a nice day. 
 (until he threw a fit and refused to come home, instead laying in the cul-de-sac) 
Don't worry, I made sure he was safe until said tantrum was over.

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